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Site Specific


Our Roots

Efficiency + Design

We create buildings that encourage more effective use of space, energy, and time—like using window placement to capture more natural light to reduce dependency on light fixtures, or building from a smaller footprint to create less upkeep for its residents, giving back time to your day and life.

Site Specific + Design

We design spaces specific to the site context and incorporate principles of sustained health and wellbeing— like designing for natural daylight, building with non-toxic materials, and creating intentional ventilation for airflow.

Quality + Design

Crafting buildings to reflect your personal values or aspirations for your community—like attaching a greenhouse to your home for passive heating and cultivation, and incorporating a community space into your public-facing project.

Public Interest Design

Design can contribute to, and improve upon, the social fabric of our communities. North Root Architecture strives to help those underserved communities and people in need to address issues of inadequate shelter, social disconnect, and environmental health.  By looking beyond the buildings themselves, we’re able to see how the built environment reflects and impacts the systems of our neighborhoods and its inhabitants. 

This global climate is changing and designing for resilience in the face of this change is paramount.  As a piece in the larger picture of addressing these changes, architectural design can create the vision for the future when collaborating with clients, developers and builders. Through Public Interest Design, we collaborate with people and organizations that want to positively shape their town, landscape, and community. By addressing the social and functional needs of an area, like crafting affordable housing solutions and curating accessible public spaces, we can use design to improve people’s everyday experiences—impacting the way they interact with their spaces and each other.

Information and communication is shared globally, and while being located in a small town, we are able to reach any community in the world to learn from and to contribute to. We look beyond our city boundaries to consider how our ecology and humanity is intertwined.